From customer to employee..

Our customer service, wholesale and website guru did not always work for MiKi. She began her MiKi journey as a customer, just like yourself. She would go down to the Busselton markets every Sunday before work and pick out new pieces for her collection! Eventually Nicola and Ari got talking, and you could say the rest is history... Two and a half years later, Ariana is full time with MiKi, helping Nicola run the business and sell jewellery to hundreds of customers weekly! 

"It was an obsession, and it was an affordable one. I can't explain to you how shocked I was when the jewellery would last through all the ocean trips and hospitality work. My family and friends are now all covered in MiKi everyday and it feels amazing to work for a business that has a product that I LOVE! 

- Ariana 


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